About Me


Hi, I’m Rylea.

Gypsy with an Arizona soul, sunny and bright, best understood in the context of a whirlwind weekend. Catholic school educated daughter of a pastor-firefighter and a librarian, bonafide agnostic believer in the turtles (all of them, not, like, one specific one). Fountain dancer, Pokemon collector, saver of princesses (except that one bitch, Peach, I kind of think she does it on purpose!), loves to play tag with the stars and ride the devastating rush of a rainstorm, but only on Sundays (the storm, not the tag). Conscientious objector to the poker face. Can often be found casually (not causally) inverted dans le bonheur. Occasionally dabbles in the crescendo, perfecting the MPDG, conquering the half pipe, and/or the art of neophyte-aculture. “The impossible girl.”

I like video games, quirky things, and coffee. All the coffee.