[Beta] Tanzia Walkthrough

Welcome to the definitive Tanzia Playthrough BLOG POST!

Okay, but really, I’ve been playing this great new game on stream called Tanzia. It occurred to me that I had the benefit of a developer to help me along when I got stuck at certain points in the game. I thought it would be a great idea to build a walkthrough of this game since I’ve had so much fun with it.

Tanzia is a 1-player RPG that releases in 2016 for PC via Steam. You can find it here.

The game is about a young warrior who has been raised away from his village and family because he was moved out of danger after being attacked by The Skeleton King as a child. (Sorry, this game does not allow the player to choose a gender!) At the start of the game, this new danger reappears and the player must prepare to face The Skeleton King again, this time without the help of his grandfather. The game intro is included at the start of the first walkthrough video.

This post will actually be updated each time I have completed a video on the next portion of the game, so please follow the blog using the buttons on the left (or follow the comments by email at the bottom if you’d like to be updated when I’ve added new zones to the walkthrough). I have also created a YouTube playlist with all my Tanzia walkthroughs here.


The Village & Crossroads


Turtle Beach

Quick Tips:

  • During the triple turtle quest, try using ice shard in between fireball to keep the turtles’ health even.
  • When trying to get to the fishing hut and back without attracting the attention of the turtles, sometimes it’s advantageous to kill the turtle closest to your route before you restart the quest so that you can run to the fishing hut and back without agroing the turtle mobs.


The Docks

Quick Tips:

  • When clearing the docks, pull individual groups with your ice shard
  • Undead Scouts cannot easily be kited, kill them first or keep moving to avoid being hurt by their ranged attacks
  • For the crab roundup quest, use root on each crab to kite the entire group back at once without damaging any of the crabs


Emuri Village

Quick Tips:

  • Use rejuvenate and regenerate potions as you work through the camps
  • Use stun spells on priests/shamans so that they cannot heal
  • Kill any scouts first when they get low, so they can’t attract additional mobs
  • For the Emuri High Priest boss, use the Vengeance potion that drops from Emuri Fighters

The Lagoon

Quick Tips:

  • Pull Corrupt Water Spirits and cleanse them one at a time
  • Use Ice Shard to pull bees away from the Verdant Blossoms to kill them before you try to loot the flower to avoid getting overwhelmed by the bees


Bear Island

Quick Tips:

  • Use Regenerate and Rejuvenate to clear the Island
  • Consider clearing the birds and crabs before you leave to stock up for alchemy recipes
  • Take the recipe and craft Bear Form instead of spending gold on the potion


The Forgotten Jungle

Quick Tips:

  • Use the scroll on the left side of the Crossroads zone
  • Use Rejuvenate and Regenerate to clear spiders


Temple Ruins/Sinking Island

Quick Tips:

  • You leave the Temple Ruins to get to the Sinking Island in order to obtain the staff.
  • Farm Regenerate and Rejuvenate before you go into the Temple Ruins.
  • Utilize your totem to help control large groups of zombies and survive.

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