[Guide] Secrets of the game Brut@l

I spent a few hours playing Brut@l for a review, and I noticed there were a lot of quirks about this game that took me awhile to catch on to so I made a Brut@l guide. Here are some videos and tips about different things I thought would be helpful.


How to find all the items in a dungeon level

Every dungeon level has different letters, different enchantments, and some have secret rooms. At first, I thought you only saw the dungeon summary at the end when you’ve already missed the content. Actually, there is a way to see that summary while you are still in the dungeon level.

brutal dungeon summary

This very short video explains how to access that screen:


How to find secret rooms in Brut@l

I spent hours looking for secret rooms. I studied the patterns in the ASCII and in the map. I jumped, hit, and threw my shield at everything. Finally, I accidentally discovered the secret room while beating up a rat. This is the short video of my accidental discovery! (Note: you can also find secret rooms with the fourth skill of the mage class.)


How does the crafting system work?

The crafting system in this game consists of discovering weapon recipes, collecting the right letters, and then collecting the right letter enchant. You can have multiple enchants on a weapon. Once you’ve assigned the weapon to the d-pad, continue pressing the directional key until the weapon is using the correct enchant for the lock, chest, or mob you’re trying to unlock or kill. Since you can’t control which enchants you’ll get, it’s helpful to create all the weapons you can and enchant them. Letters can be reused, so making one weapon won’t prevent you from making another one. Different weapons use different enchanted letters, so you should have access to more enchants in a shorter time.


How does the potion system work?

Every dungeon restart is different. Each dungeon has all eight colors of potions, but every instance of the dungeon will assign the different potions to the colors randomly. That means a potion of vitality might be purple in one instance, but if you die and restart it could be green the next time. The eight potions are:

  • Potion of Vitality
  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Potion of Blindness
  • Potion of Poison
  • Potion of Protection
  • Potion of Inferno
  • Potion of Rage
  • Potion of Vampire’s Curse

Potions of vitality, invisibility, and protection are all potions to drink and assist you in the dungeon. Potions of blindness, poison, and inferno can be set to the d-pad and thrown at mobs as weapons. Identifying potions can be done by trying each of of them, or learning the fourth skill in the mage class tree. This video explains how to craft the potions.

7 thoughts on “[Guide] Secrets of the game Brut@l

  1. Any insight as to how the legendary and talisman crafting works? I have the skills but don’t know how to utllilize. Are there special books for it?

    1. I am not 100% sure on this one, but I do know it’s more of a “late game” thing. You pick up the recipes just like the basic and put them together to replace the basic weapons.

    2. You have to gain the skill level of talisman, collect the required ingredients before making those.
      Same with the weapons- it’s a skill level, then the letters as well must be available.

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