Marvel Contest of Champions Status Effect Guide

This is a Marvel Contest of Champions status effect guide. I gathered the information as I went through and acquired champions so that I could use it for quick reference throughout the battles. I’ve tried to write down each status effect as I’ve seen it. Some of the status effects do not have a definition, in part because I haven’t been playing long and I don’t have all the champions.

Nearly every status effect increases in the percentage chance or power based on champion’s level so the percentage chances are not listed. Feel free to leave me a comment if anything is unclear or incorrect. If you have screenshots of the champion skill page for any of the status effects listed but not explained, feel free to leave them for me. Much appreciated!

If you’re looking for my crystal opening videos, you can find them here.

marvel contest of champions status effect guide

Status Effects

Acrobatic Combat (Beast) is a tank form that grants a very high percentage chance to reduce incoming critical damage and reduce opponents offensive power gain. Beast automatically starts in this stance if he starts the battle at <50% health.

Aftershock deals a percent of attack as physical damage, chance to stun the opponent, may inflict concussion.

Ante Up ???

Armor temporarily increases damage mitigation.

Armor Break reduces opponent’s armor and removes any armor buffs.

Armor Up reduces damaging attacks by a percentage.

Assassination (Gamora) chance to strike a lethal blow with massive critical hit damage.

Bamf (Nightcrawler) ignore all attacks while dodging back. Any attacks performed while Nightcrawler is Dodging automatically miss him and give him a large boost to his next Critical Hit.

Berserk increases Attack and Critical Damage by a percentage for each charge of pacifism consumed.

Bleed deals a percentage of your attack damage over time.

Bleed Immunity immune to all bleed effects.

Bloodlust increase critical hit and critical damage on all bleeding opponents.

Buff Steal steals all of the opponent’s buffs for a given duration.

Cauterize removes all instances of Bleeding on the enemy, dealing damage for each one removed.

Chi Strike is an ability exclusive to Iron Fist. Chi Strike causes Heavy Attacks to remove a Crit Boost or Cruelty effect from the opponent when they connect.

Citing Precedent reduces opponent power.

Cleanse ???

Concussion reduces the opponent’s Ability Accuracy by a percentage.

Cosmic Radiation deals damage over time, similar to poison or bleed.

Counterspell removes one buff from enemy hero.

Crit Boost is an ability. Crit Boost increases a Champion’s chance to land a Critical Hit on the opponent.

Cruelty increases a Champion’s Critical Damage when landing a Critical Hit on the opponent.

Cursed on your opponent grants you an increased chance to stun.

Daze ??

Deformation ??

Direct Damage deals true damage (ignores armor) while active.
Earthquake deals a percentage of your attack per second to the enemy champion.

Element Gun (Star-Lord) randomly deals elemental damage with one of the following debuffs
FIRE deals Armor Break.
AIR Shocks the opponent for additional damage.
WATER deals Power Drain.
EARTH deals Heal Block.

Enervating Field ??

Enfeeble lowers attack power (similar to weakness).

Evade allows for a Champion to instantly dodge an attack.

Evocation (Doctor Strange) grants three abilities that give him increased armor and block, increased Attack and Critical Hit, and increased power gain and life steal.

Exhaustion is an ability exclusive to Luke Cage. Exhaustion reduces the opponent’s Critical Damage and makes them more susceptible to the Stun in Luke Cage’s Special Attacks.

Fate Seal prevents enemy champions from gaining beneficial effects for a short amount of time.

Fatigue lowers critical hit rate.

Freestyle Combat (Beast) means critical hits have a significant chance (even at base percentage) to inflict a bleed. Beast starts in this stance if he is >50% health at the start of the battle.

Fury increases a Champion’s attack power.

Gambler’s Ruin (Joe Fixit) rolls for a suit, buffs based on roll:
Hearts grants regeneration.
Spades on hit chance to inflict weakness or fatigue.
Clubs grants increased critical hit.
Diamond grants increased attack, based on percentage of missing health.

Genetic Memory is an ability exclusive to Venom. Every 10 seconds, Genetic Memory allows Venom to gain a permanent beneficial effect that is chosen at random, up to 5 at a time.
Symbiote Durability: increased physical resistance
Symbiote Rage: increased attack
Symbiote Shield: increased armor
Symbiote Cruelty: increased critical damage
Symbiote Frenzy: increased critical hit rate

Heal Block prevents champions from regenerating or healing from any source.

Heat Charge increases physical resistances, adds percentage of additional energy damage as on-hit.

Hemorrhage deals severe bleeding, a large percentage of your attack as true damage over time.

Incinerate deals a percentage hero’s attack as damage over time, also removes perfect block chance and reduces block proficiency by 50% while debuff is active.

Klyntar Rage (Venom) massive increased damage until Venom is hit.

Kree Physiology ???

Life Steal grants health based on damage done.

Lightning Arc allows the user to shock opponents dealing damage and ignoring physical resistance.

Limbo deals 25% attack damage as energy damage per second against the opposing champion, any damage taken by champion with Limbo is refunded at the end of the effect.

Locked On decreases opponent hero’s defensive ability accuracy by 100% for 10 seconds.

Lunar Phases (Moon Knight) abilities to change depending on the moon’s phases, each buff increases as the next phase approaches.
Waning Crescent: chance to gain Fury.
New Moon: increased chance to evade attacks, base attack increased.
Waxing Crescent: chance to increase critical hit.
Full Moon: increased chance to stun upon critical hit, increased chance to inflict bleed.

Magnetism reduces the ability accuracy of any opponent reliant on metal.

Martial Focus ???

Nullify is an ability belonging to Champions that can remove their opponent’s beneficial effects.

Overpower (Loki) ???

Overrun (Crossbones) gains 3 fury effects, 50% reduced armor and block proficiency. Increased power gain on hit, decreased power gain on block.

Om Nom (Venompool) steals an enemy beneficial effect to trigger Regeneration. However, the Regeneration will only occur if the beneficial effect is successfully eaten.

Pacifism (Old Man Logan) stacks to be used in other abilities.

Paralyze (Gambit) ??

Perfect block has the chance on any blocked hit to reduce incoming damage to zero.

Physical Resistance decreases damage taken by auto attacks.

Poison deals damage based on attack over time.

Poison Immunity makes champion immune to poison.

Power Burn reduces the opponent’s power and deals proportional true damage, blockable.

Power Drain depletes the opponent’s stored power, works through blocks.

Power Gain allows the user to gain increased power passively.

Power Lock prevents the opponent from gaining Power, taking away their ability to use any further Special Attacks for a certain amount of time.

Power Steal taking a percentage of enemy power for your own power bar.

Power Sting (Yellowjacket) adds additional attack damage upon special attack, chance to stun.

Precision increased critical hit chance.

Pummel increases chance to inflict stun on special attacks.

Recon (Falcon only) increases Falcon’s critical damage by a percentage each time the opponent triggers a passive evade until Falcon’s next critical hit.

Reflective Armor (Black Panther) allows him to reflect any Stun effects that he is hit with, stores a percentage of attack energy and deals the equivalent damage back to the opponent.

Regeneration is an ability belonging to Champions who can regenerate Health.

Replicate allows a Champion to copy a maximum of 2 abilities of the opposing Champion.

Rhino charge (Rhino) grants Fury when using a medium attack when the opponent is pinned against the wall.

Robotics grants champion full immunity to poison and bleed.

Scorch ???

Self-repair grants Ultron a one-time regeneration at 50% and a one-time regeneration at 25% health, will lose connection and stop repair if stunned during this regeneration.

Sensory Weave (Spider-Gwen) to switch between Hunter Spider mode and Trap Spider mode.

Shield System (Rocket), activated by dodging or blocking for a short time, uses power to protect Rocket. There are three modes:
Kinetic Shield, which gives Rocket Physical Resistance.
Shell Shield, which gives Rocket Armor.
Emergency Shield, which gives Rocket Special Attack resistance.

Soul Harvest (Guillotine) steal the souls of her opponents based on damage done granting the ability to steal health on successful soul steal, increased critical damage, and increased armor.

Spider Sense increases evasion chance.

Static Shock is an ability exclusive to Electro. When a Champion with Static Shock is attacked, the attacker gets a Static Shock for a percentage of the damage they inflicted.

Stun prevents champions from moving, blocking, or attacking.

Symbiote Stealth allows the user to reduce the Evasion chance of their opponent by a certain percent.

Synthesis (Vision) grants power one time per activation.

Tenacity allows the user a percent chance to shrug off any Debuff.

True Strike ???

Unstoppable prevents the user from being staggered by enemy attacks.

Unblockable prevents the opponent from blocking any attacks.

Weakness lowers Attack.

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