[Poetry] Swipe Right: A Millennial Love Story

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review swipe right
Swipe Right is a collection of haikus about feminism, relationships, and love in the millennial milieu. Barnett captures in the fewest possible words what it’s like to be single, dating, or sort-of-dating as a woman in the technological age. Her words echo the shared experience of women who have dated online. But, her words are applicable to all who have experienced the incongruous expectations that transcend the experience of male-female relationships.

The poetic form itself is a social commentary on the nature of millennial dating. Each haiku is a juxtaposition of the darker meaning beneath the short stanzas. Hidden in these quirky, breezy stanzas, there is a complexity underlying the modern millennial romance and the trouble with dating.  This forms a parallel to their dating plight.

Nominally, millennials enjoy casual dating, no-strings-attached sex designed to be brief, random, and fun. But the other side of the modern dating scene is rarely so simple. Barnett captures the complex underpinnings of the casual, sometimes messy, and always multi-layered relationships that are rarely as clear cut as they were intended.

Reading this was an unexpected experience. I found myself laughing out loud and giggling at the shared experiences, silly expectations, and social commentary that is rarely spoken out loud. I absolutely recommend this book of poems.

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