[Review] Alone With You

Check out Benjamin Rivers’ latest project: Alone With You. Released August 23, 2016 exclusively for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita, you can find it on the Playstation Store for $9.99. Alone With You is a Sci-Fi Romance Adventure, but anyone who gives this one a go is in for one heck of a treat.

You’re an astronaut sporting a stylish scarf on a rugged planet. Your eccentric A.I. buddy has you going out day one for supplies and parts to fix your escape vehicle. Of course, it’s not that easy, mostly because all of your colleagues are likely dead. The planet is constantly experiencing storms that expel acid rain across the landscape. Oh, and the planet is likely going to implode from too much human-based terraforming, mining, cultivating, and general meddling. Good luck.

[At least the view is pretty.]
[At least the view is pretty.]
From the get go, I fell for the story. There’s a ton of plucky narration in between the scanning for goods. The story is layered between four main characters and it quickly sucked me in. These characters: a communications expert, a resource manager, a terraforming director, and a horticultural manager all helped in the building of the colonies on this broken, seething planet. They are the top minds in their fields. Problem is, you don’t know where they are, or even if they’re alive. You need their help.

The A.I. builds a hologram experience for you from their memories, and in the evenings, you get to chat with them. There, you glean plot details, characteristics, habits, and even little heartaches from your holo friends. As you explore the facilities where they worked, their stories start to take shape. Suddenly, they’re more real than any hologram. But when you meet with them, do you treat these visions as computer constructs, or people with emotions, experiences, and fears that sculpted their personality? It’s all up to you.

[What if I told you...that this isn't the Matrix?]
[What if I told you…that this isn’t the Matrix?]
I found that this game nailed the feeling of lonesomeness. Every puzzle taunts you with what was before, and every evening chat with the holograms reflects how isolated you are on this rock. Every scan of personal files tells stories of those that once worked there. Every bedroll you walk by is another reminder: someone slept here. Someone ate and worked and built a family here. And you? Well, there’s not a whole lot about you, but you get to build that up as you see fit through the narration.

[I would like to hear how to get outta here in one piece, please.]
[I would like to hear how to get outta here in one piece, please.]
The music is subtle, adding in its own compliment to the story you experience. I loved the ambient sounds. Dripping water, clinking and clacking rubble, and wind echoing through the facilities all pulled me further into the game, each adding unexpected depth to an 80’s inspired pixel-art style. It is all wonderfully done.

Alone With You is a remarkable experience. As I immersed myself into the story, I found myself wanting to know more. While the game play itself isn’t incredibly stimulating, the tale attached to it is spectacular, and more than worth the price tag. Alone With You belongs in the library of anyone who loves a good story.



Guest Writer: Rae Svatora

Rae is an active Playstation gamer, cat fancier, and book devourer. That’s not to say she actually eats books with fava beans and a fine chianti, because that would be weird. Horses are categorically cool, summer is the best, and if neither one is available, hot chocolate with a good board game is acceptable. She aspires to learn the name of the wind, and someday publish her own books.

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