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academ media game review

Experience life as a tiny bacterium with Bacter.io Evolution, released by Academ Media for iOS and Android on July 28. Like other .io games, it’s free-to-play. Fight to become the most powerful microorganism by consuming other bacterium and evolving into a stronger bacterium. You can also find it on indiegamelaunchpad.io.


If you’re a fan of games that tell a story, Bacter.io Evolution isn’t for you. You’re introduced to a little bacterium and by consuming little yellow balls, you gain XP and level up. At level 10, you can begin consuming the other bacterium by touching them with your mouth or arms to help you gain XP faster. The other bacterium are pretty passive and not interested in consuming you. As you continue to level up, you evolve into different types of bacterium, taking a variety of shapes.

In the 30s, there’s a rocket ship spewing fire out of one end that you’ll want to avoid.

academ media tutorial


Bacter.io Evolution doesn’t really have a tutorial. The second you press play, it takes you into the game. Arrows suggest that you should connect with the little yellow dots, but there are no written instructions to keep you informed. You’ll see yourself become bigger and quickly evolved as you consume more of the little yellow dots.

As you continue to level up, a green arrow will hover around your level, hinting that you can start leveling up your abilities: health, strength, and speed. You’ll also begin to collect DNA, similar to potions that enhance your abilities, but you can only use one at a time. Selecting a different DNA will override the one you are currently using.

Again, there’s no written instructions in the game, so there’s a bit of a learning curve to figure out what is going on.

academ media bacterium boss


The controls are fairly limited and aren’t always responsive. Some of rounder bacterium seem to have a higher turn radius, which can make consuming an entire cluster of the little yellow dots difficult. Also, the bigger you get, the slower you move.

Things I’d Like To See

In-game instructions

I really wish that the game had more description to let you know what you should be doing. Their description on the app store provides a little bit of clues as to what to expect, but I wasn’t sure whether I should avoid the other bacterium or befriend them. It turns out, I eat them.

Aggressive bacterium

Like I said earlier, the other bacterium are fairly passive. They don’t attempt to eat you unless you bump into them. I feel like making the other bacterium more aggressive would make the game more thrilling, and perhaps more addictive. There’s really no incentive to keep you playing, which makes this one of those games that you download, play a few times, and then never touch again.

It’s not a game that you will obsessively play for hours, but Bacter.io Evolution has quickly become a fun way to pass short spurts of time. There are usually a few minute throughout my day where I can launch the game and collect a few little yellow balls, but it’s not something I want to spend hours on end playing.

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