[Review] Fossil Echo

Fossil Echo was released July 8, 2016 by French indie developer Awaceb. You can find it on Steam for $14.99. Don’t worry about the language difference because this game is wordless. That is not to say that this game is silent. In fact, the score is beautiful. So is the art. Each scene is handpainted and woven into an enigmatic story that is equal parts dream world and real world (or is it?).

Fossil Echo Dream Forest

Interspersed between what appears to be the boys daytime activities, he rests at camps. The game then seems to revert to a maze found in the boy’s dreams. In any case, both vistas are beautiful.

Fossil Echo Camp

The game is actually relatively short, made for repeated playthroughs and speed runs. Time trial puzzles exist with in the game itself, but tempered by levels that require patience. Some trials are vertical, like this one:

Others are horizontal, like this one:

Fossil Echo Time Run

I absolutely loved this game and found myself drawn into the world of the game and the story. I would absolutely recommend adding this game to your Steam account. This game will challenge your timing, balance, and resolve. It was easy enough to figure out the controls and hard enough to retain my interest. Enjoy!

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