[Review] Knot

So, I’ve been on a puzzle kick lately. This new indie game from developer Warlock Arts was released July 19, 2016. It’s currently available only from PlayStation Store on PS4 for $9.99. The game is based on the concept of Chinese wooden knots and is surprisingly engaging.

knot 4

The puzzles themselves are beautiful works of art, as were the originals upon whom the game is based. The textures and colors are not actually just for show. Some of them make the puzzle more difficult by making it harder to discern which pieces move and in what directions.

knot 4 (2)

The game consists of 40 puzzles of progressive difficulty that involve sliding some of the pieces of wood strategically to remove one piece at a time. The game keeps track of your specific time on each level and rewards you with some really funny, cheesy achievements. I got a few laughs just out of the names of the achievements, like this one “Puzzle Jones.”

knot 2

Controls were mostly intuitive. You select a piece with the analog sticks and drag the piece in any direction. You can flip the puzzle in any direction to make it easier to discern which pieces fit together and which ones must be moved before the puzzle can be solved. I was able to finish the first few puzzles in a very short time frame, as demonstrated by this example puzzle video. Later puzzles were significantly more complex.

Overall, this game was very intriguing. It captivated my attention and I finished the entire game in one sitting. The only concern I have was that it took me about 3 hours of gameplay for the price, I may have expected a few more puzzles. However, others might find themselves spending significantly more or less time depending on their level of experience with Chinese wood puzzles. I really enjoyed it!

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