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Quadrilateral Cowboy (from Blendo Games) arrived on July 25, 2016, to Steam for Windows for $19.99, with plans for Linux and Mac in September 2016. The game is a single player cyberpunk hacking game with a super interesting premise. The player is dropped into the game with most of the tutorial on how to use the various hardware devices by reading the signs in the environment and the notebook provided to you as part of the game.

QC hack

There was a lot to love about this game. The puzzles were interesting. I loved the mechanic of using a computer input line to accomplish various tasks. Each “chapter” takes you through three steps where you learn a mechanic and then use it in two progressively more difficult applications. Eventually, I really appreciated utilizing multiple characters to complete a puzzle (and rewinding time!) simultaneously. It’s quirky and interesting. Even the name is quirky—Quadrilateral Cowboy. The graphics are dated but have a sense of style.

QC Chalkboard

Blendo placed this game into the same universe as their other games, with their unique looking humans. Although I haven’t played their other games, I like the idea of each game being an installment in Blendo’s universe. Other game titles also suggest the use of skills, such as “orbital battleship maneuvers” and “geography, vocabulary, arithmetic.”

QC Field Computer

There were a few things that were disappointing about the game. The game itself is exceptionally short. I spent just over two hours of stream time and completed almost all of the missions. I felt that it far too short for a $20 game. However, the developer has already promised some additional content in the coming weeks. There is a mod section for this game, so likely consumer-made content will appear.

QC Computer

Another disappointing thing about this game was that under-use of some of these amazing gadgets and mechanics. Every new mission granted a cool new gadget, but then it was almost forgotten once the next mission was started. A few made return appearances, but overall the game seems wanting in terms of continuity. It’s a great concept that just seemed underdeveloped.

QC on the job


This game is very interesting with a quirky unique concept, but short. Place it on your wishlist and buy it on sale.

2 thoughts on “[Review] Quadrilateral Cowboy

  1. $20 is a lot for a short game. Even if there’s promise of more content, I wouldn’t be particularly pleased with paying for something that might not even show up. Do you think you’ll come back and review this game again once more content is released?

    1. I agree. It was a good game, just with disproportionate pricing. I have a lot on plate, but I might come back and check it out again ^.^

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