[Review] The Pirate’s War

The Pirate’s War is set to be released this fall (September?) from indie developer Idiocracy. The game is set to be available on iOS, Android, and PC via Facebook. It will be free, supported by in-app purchases. I recently had the opportunity to participate in the live beta test on iOS.

I want to preface this review by stating that the only other mobile games currently installed on my phone are PokemonGO and Limbo (don’t play Limbo in the dark, guys, just don’t do it). In other words, I don’t often play free mobile games.


The Pirate’s War is a bit like Monopoly, if a game of Monopoly took approximately five-to-ten minutes. Each game has three players. You roll the dice, go around the board, and buy up islands as you go. But it’s also a Pirate game, so you can use gold and in-game abilities to purchase various “cheats” like the ability to ensure a free extra roll, stealing money from other players, or obtain better upgrades for your island properties.


Each player customizes their captain and crew with cards collected for free each day you play the game (or acquired with in-game currency).

new chests


The more you play the game, the more advanced your captain, ship, and crew, and the more likely you are to win the game.


One of the features, not open during beta, is ranked play, which transforms a casual mobile game into a competitive, serious game. No news yet on how the ranked system will work or what rewards will be offered. Since I’ve only lost a handful of matches in the past weeks, I can’t wait to see how far I can get on ranked when the live game comes out!

Overall, I actually found myself playing Pirate’s War when I couldn’t sleep or had some moments to kill waiting on my plane. It’s pretty fun, and the matches are brief enough that I didn’t find it overly time-consuming. The concept is fairly simple, but players can customize their gameplay with special hero abilities, ship abilities, and a number of different abilities enabled by combinations of the various crewmembers. The abilities upgrade with experience and in-game items. Players can spend as much or as little time as they want. The in-game purchases of gold or crystals would enable players to reach goals faster (which might be very important to ranked play), but the game is easily played and enjoyed without them!


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