[Review] Typoman: Revised

Typoman: Revised was released on August 15, 2016 from indie developer Brainseed Factory for $14.99 (currently on sale through 8/22 for $11.99) on Steam for PC and $13.99 for WiiU.

Typoman Puzzle

Typoman feels like a mix of TypeRider and Limbo. The pace is brisk. The tutorial is interesting and fun, building the story while the player becomes comfortable with mechanics. The puzzles vary from a mild slowdown to downright perplexing, and many have more than one possible solution. The tiny protagonist adorably hops around, subtly reminding me of the Pixar lamp, a lone innocent against dark forces and terrifying backdrops.

Typoman Propaganda Boss

The themes of the game are as complex as the basic mechanics are simple. The game spans the gambit of good versus evil, our place in the world, and the importance of love, truth, and good. The protagonist is not completely alone against the terrifying evil. A “guardian angel” drops in for protection from time to time against some of the ugly monsters made of evil words. I kept referring to him as the dementor-angel or guardian-dementor from the moment he first appears.

Typoman Arm

The word puzzles in the game gradually become more complex. Initial puzzles have only a few letters and one solution. Eventually, the game gives you a bank of letters with which the player forms words to solve multi-step problems. Some of the more difficult portions of the game did not even require using words to solve them. There are several time trials that require the player to complete a section within a given amount of time and depended on a good sense of timing.

Typoman Wordscrambler

Overall, this game is quirky, fun, and captured my attention. The mechanics were simple to learn (although I kept trying to use spacebar to jump instead of the up key). The gameplay and story are layered and memorable. Bottom line: Typoman is delightful and worth your time.

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