[Review] Sundered — Thunder Lotus

Sundered is an action-adventure RPG out from indie developer Thunder Lotus Games, the same developers behind the 2015 action-adventure, Jotun. Sundered was released July 28, 2017 for PS4 and Steam on PC at a price point of $19.99.

This is the story of Eshe. She is a human woman who dies in the desert wilderness and pulled into a supernatural struggle in the afterlife. Guided by a faceless voice, Eshe must battle the gods of the underworld choosing between resisting or embracing demonic powers to assist her crusade to regain her humanity and rejoin the earthly civilization.

Sundered’s story is told in a very subtle style. The story arc affects some key changes to her kit and contribute to multiple endings in way reminiscent of industry standards like Undertale. While some of the story is expressed by Eshe’s guide, most of the story is recounted through crystal rooms which act as data dumps to inform Eshe of her place in this afterlife.

Game play is fluid and organic, which compliments the non-linear story arc. The skill tree compliments the play style to accentuate each player’s strengths and shore up weaknesses. This game play modification works well within the restraints of the game. Some upgrades are required to move on in the game, while others are quality of life modifications that improve the speed and feel of the game play.

The crown jewel of this game is the beautiful hand drawn art and the breathtaking backdrop against which this story is told. Each section is distinguishable from the others by artistic world-building that compliments the mood and story in a visually astonishing way.

Sundered Review TL;DR:

I highly recommend Sundered to all players who enjoy organic, non-linear storytelling with full character customization and beautifully drawn landscapes.

Official Trailer:

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