[Walkthrough] I Am Setsuna — Character Secret Side Quests

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All the character’s individual secret quests are listed, along with a walkthrough. The first step in each quest is the quest giver. If you wish to avoid spoilers, then know that’s where you’ll find that information.

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Endir’s Spritnite

To begin Endir’s quest, take the airship to Nive Island and walk to Nive Harbor. If you have Endir in your party, the man in the main clearing will give you a letter and a “Nameless Spritnite.”

Endir Letter

It’s imperative that you go to the requested places in order. First, find your way to Serendale. You’ll need to cross the bottom bridge on the east side of town, then keep going up until you reach the screen with a square altar.

Endir Birth

Next, you’ll need to find a similar altar at Morbrise Mountain. Take the back entrance (closest to Hiddbury). Go through the first secret wall you come to, then continue going down on each screen until find the altar.

Endir Prosperity

Lastly, you’ll take the spritnite to Hymncott Forest (this is on the southernmost island on the east side of the world). There is only one path to follow, you’ll see the altar at the end of the trail. It’s a good idea to save here on your way out.

Endir Demis

After this transformation, a second letter is dropped at the altar directing you to a house on the southernmost island of the world (“Craigholm Island”). Please save before you approach the house. You’ll find an old man standing outside of the house who wishes to speak to Endir alone.

Endir Hapsper 1

He tells you a story, indicating that he’s actually a monster but couldn’t get the spritnite to transform on his own. He plans to take it now to the Dark Samsara after dispatching you and your companions. You’ll fight him 1v1.

Ender Hapsper 2

This is one of the most difficult individual character quests. In order to complete it, here are a few tips:

  • Upgrade Endir’s weapon from the secret island with Orichalcum. Make sure you’re full health, consider eating food prior to the battle.
  • The boss has 5670 HP, so no need to choose a talisman that reads enemy HP.
  • Equip spritnite that increases HP, absorbs HP for self-healing, counter damage (Avenger), dodge physical attacks, reduce incoming damage (Paries), heals (Aura).
  • Consider grinding until your level is at least 50.


Julienne’s Spritnite

This quest is started by approaching Cornelius in Roysburg with Julienne in your party.

Julienne Cornelius

He tells you that there was a blacksmith whole stole the royal spritnite and is rumored to have gone to the Archimell ruins with it. In order to get there, you must call his name. The party doesn’t know his name, but they know he was a blacksmith in the lost lands. The next portion of the quest leads you to the Lost Lands Village. You’ll find the name of the blacksmith on his shop if you take the first right, middle house.

Julienne Forge

Now, you head to Archimell Ruins. There are two entrances, the closer of the two (to Grinche’s Elevator) is the furthest southwest you can go, it’s a mountain that has a huge cave entrance. Take the elevator to the second floor. Continue making your way northeast. You’ll go through a large circle, then go Northeast again. You’ll pass through a second circle and find an elevator that has a red dial.

Julienne Elevator

At the end of the cutscene, the elevator turns green. Take it to Grinche.

Julienne Grinche

You’ll defeat the boss and receive Julienne’s spritnite. Some tips:

  • Don’t use Aeterna, the boss is immune to time magic.
  • The HP is 7560, which you can see if any of your characters have a talisman that reads HP.
  • Consider equipping Stop Shield on your character(s).


Setsuna’s Spritnite

To begin Setsuna’s quest, you must approach her Father in Nive Village with her in your party. It’s the house on the left when you enter town.

Setsuna Father

The cutscene ensues, in which Raishin asks Nidr where Mana might have left something for her daughter. He doesn’t know, but mentions lots of walks in the woods.

Setsuna Nidr

Leave the village and head straight north, in the woods where you first met Setsuna as Endir. In the very first room, head to the “dead end” on the left side.

Setsuna Path

On the other side of the path, there is a spritnite-infused penguin battle. It’s time-consuming but not especially hard so it’s best if you saved before you went into the woods. Afterwards, head straight north and watch the cutscene.

Setsuna Spritnite


Aeterna’s Spritnite

With Aeterna in your party, revisit Tenderville. Talk to the researcher in the first house in the village, the only one in the northernmost row.

Aeterna Researcher

He wants you to find the leader of the Magic Consortium in the Nameless Village. Return to the airship and land on the westernmost island.

Aeterna Nameless

Head to the house on the left, where you’ll talk to the “Village Chief” who is really one of the leaders of the consortium in disguise. He tells you the Leader has died to a beast, which you can observe from the watchtower.

Aeterna President

He wants you to slay the beast, which turns out to be unnecessary.

Aeterna Fides

Return to the chief, then the original questgiver in Tenderville.


Kir’s Spritnite

With Kir in your party, return to Hiddbury and speak with the Chief who is in the main house directly north.

Kir Chief

He tells you the village has made powerful new allies and that you can meet them at the Spritnite Pillar. Head to the north, behind the camp.

Kir Sisters

You meet three sisters who are of a race similar to Kir’s, but more powerful and who do not shorten their lifespans in return for their power. Follow them to the Chief’s tent. You’ll have a nice chat and invite them to join your campaign to help Setsuna. They agree and then you’ll return to the Spritnite Pillar to fetch the youngest sister. Save you game prior to entering the Spritnite Pillar for the second time.

Kir Betrayed

The sisters will trap the party, except for Kir out of respect for his brother. They tell a shameful story of torture at the hands of humans and for this reason want the world to end and give birth to a new one where everyone is equal. Kir magically releases his friends and a battle begins.

Kir Battle

After the battle, you’ll get Kir’s spritnite.


  • The sisters each have 3780 HP
  • You don’t have to have Kir for the battle, so you can use whatever mix you prefer
  • It’s mostly magical damage, consider using an elemental flux resistance talisman, food that reduces magical damage, or individual magical shields (although the sisters use all types of magic damage)
  • Rather than trying to focus them down individually (because they have Life II spells) consider using Setsuna’s Luminaire and Kir’s Fire II to AOE them down together
  • Use Endir’s Battlecry, Setsuna’s Incite, and/or Aeterna’s Haste/Stop spells to buff your party


Fides’s Spritnite

Return to Gatherington with Fides in your party. Go to the pub and talk to the “Insufferable Man.”

Fides Pub

He’ll tell you a story about a cursed spritnite and asks you to talk to the other villagers about where it can be found. When you exit the pub, you see a man run into the village and collapse.

Fides Faints

When he regains consciousness, he tells you about a child in the Fridging Caves who has the spritnite. Take the party to Fridging Caves. Return to the area where you first fought the Aurorean Tiger.

Fides Cave

The party discovers the little boy-monster that you first encountered when he kidnapped Julienne’s villagers. He says he wants to keep the spritnite because he’s angry and wants to take revenge on Fides for killing his mommy. When Fides takes the spritnite from him, he demonstrates what the spritnite holds and the party must defeat the boss before the spritnite can be used.

Fides Dragnarok


  • Boss HP 7560
  • This boss does mostly shadow damage (like all of Fides’ damage), so food and Shadow Shield or flux that give you elemental immunity are helpful
  • Setsuna’s Luminaire is especially helpful in this fight because it heals up all of the monsters AOE damage and because it’s weak to light damage
  • If you’ve already done Setsuna’s quest, you can use Holy Light after a few rounds of Luminaire to do extra damage as well


Nidr’s Weapon

Return to Purikka to talk to Nidr’s Captain, Frejya. Make sure Nidr is in your party. You can find her in the house on the right when you enter the encampment. She tells you that there is someone waiting to you see you on the beach.

Nidr Freyja

Head south to the Forgotten Shore (even further south than Serendale, where you first met Nidr). At the entrace of the shore, go south, and you’ll see a bandaged man at the edge of the water.

Nidr Shinku

He tells you that he was also a part of the party where Nidr failed and wants to exact revenge. Since he’s incapacitated, he cannot. Frejya steps in to test Nidr before she is willing to give Nidr the sword.

Nidr Freyja 2

Fight her 1v1.

Nidr Battle

This is perhaps the hardest fight in the game, because Nidr has no natural healing abilities.


  • Like Endir, this boss has ~5000 HP and it helps to be at least level 50
  • Boost maximum HP by using food and talismans
  • With no healing, it’s imperative that you have plenty of potions
  • Strengthen his current weapon with Orichalcum
  • Equip counter, paralysis shield (or plenty of panacea), stone shield (her two major attacks are the same as his and inflict these status changes) and any spritnite you might have with physical defense
  • Consider Paries to help reduce incoming damage and absorb spritnite to give minor HP/MP when you attack

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  1. I just did these myself. I noticed there’s something of a bug which can be exploited for the Nidr Freyja fight: Use the food that gives you guaranteed dodge (apple pie or something), then with your first turn use Counter. Then just sit there and don’t do anything. As long as you don’t take another active turn, you’ll keep automatically dodging and countering until the boss is dead. It seems that the guaranteed dodge from the food (which is supposed to work for the first turn) keeps working until you actually perform a second action. If you don’t perform a second action and just let the ATB gauge roll along, you’ll keep dodging forever. This probably would also work in any other scenario too. If so, it means that apple pie + Counter = being immortal.

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