[Walkthrough] I Am Setsuna Locked Chest Guide

You can find my review here. The secret character side quests are here.

Prior to finishing the last castle area in the Last Lands, I decided to go back to look for all the locked chests. I tried to write down all the chests. Please leave me a comment if I’ve left one out, or if you have a clearer way to describe how to find the chest! I tried to place them in order of where you’d find them in the original story mode.

***Note*** These chests can only be opened by Julienne after she has received the blessing from Rhydderch as heir of the Kingdom.


Nive Village — Leftmost house, in the yard, beside the logs

Nive Harbor — Inside the house

Dazzshire Woods — in the entrance screen to the top left of the screen

Forgotten Shore — In the second screen from the entrance

Purikka — In the top left, outside the house

Serendale — Across the bottom bridge, straight right outside the building

Frost Caves — Take a left at the first screen

Floneia Citadel — Go right at the entrance, then go up until you see it

Akash’s Airship — Inside, down two flights beside the save point

Mysleigh Woods — Almost at the exit (or from the top of the woods entrance) up the small hill, all the way to the right

Tenderville — Inside the only house at the top of the village

Morbrise — First screen from the exit, through the hidden bridge, beside the Spritnite Eaten Squirrel

Hiddbury — Inside the topmost building (the chief’s house)

Twallusk Mountain — In the clearing where Endir has a discussion with Cornelius

Royburg — Julienne’s house

Blackwhelm Cave — Go straight down from the largest room

Floeberg Waters — In the third screen (as if you were following the same route you initially went) take a right at the first intersection

Archimell — (1) Right before you go through the large circle, take a left; (2) After you tele, go up and then left.

Gatherington — Bottom of screen, all the way to the right

Fridging Caves — After screen resets, continue going right (down the hills)

Fridging Heights — Cross three bridges, then keep going right

Magna Valley — After the screen resets, find the largest room, the go left and up

Lost Kingdom Vault (Rhydderch Boss Maze) — (1) After the first test, go all the way to the right; (2) After the second test, its in the topmost corner to the left (or go all the way to the left immediately before you find the third test)

Lost Lands Village — Top row of houses on the left, in between the first and third house

Lost Lands Castle — On the second floor, take the first staircase you come to, it’s in the second (and only) room

Dark Samsara Castle — (1) Beyond first portal, top left corner; (2) Beyond second portal, top right corner; (3) Beyond third portal, go up in the intersection directly before the fourth portal; (4) top right, just below the portal to the Time Lord (*giggle*), beyond a triple Dino room (strategy to beat this easily)

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