[Walkthrough] Typoman: Revised

*** If you’re looking for a review of Typoman: Revised please look here. ***

This Typoman walkthrough is primarily based on videos with an additional few tips and tricks about the game to avoid spoilers, if you’re not ready to see the whole solution. In the videos below, I did a casual Typoman walkthrough. I’ve found additional quotation marks since making the video and placed notes in the video to identify where they can be found. As always, please leave me a comment if you have additional information or tips that I may have missed.

General Tips

  • Look for any areas that are accessible, but not directly on the path of the story. This is where you’ll find quotations. Specifically look for ways to climb up above the path. Sometimes, you can drop into the holes and find them below the paths as well.
  • When confronted with a word bank, try to think of as many words as you can make with the letters you have. Many puzzles have more than one solution. Plus, you’ll sometimes find fun animations (see word list below).
  • When you want to spell something for which you are missing a letter, think of another word that you can transform with “Lie” to give you access to more letters.


The prologue for Typoman is pretty straightforward, but I included a video of it just to be thorough. The video introduces the hero, basic functions, and gameplay mechanics.


Chapter 1

Meet the angel-dementor, protects you on your journey.


Chapter 2

Miniboss. You get to fight with a word machine!


Chapter 3

Lots of timing disc, final boss.


Word Bank

Try these words in Typoman for special effect.

  • Dead
  • Rave
  • Old
  • Rain

Protection Words

  • Shield
  • Cover
  • Hide
  • Target
    • To get this word, you may have to make a G first. (Write “Evil” then use “Lie” to turn it “Good”). Use the G to make Target. This will distract the gun from you.

Good Words

  • Save
  • Care
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Kind
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Trust
  • Help
  • Live
  • Peace

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